Pathology of the Disease Process

There are a number of theories as to how Dementia and Alzheimer’s develops. I will briefly share the CNN perspective and the Craniosacral Perspective on this as well. Understanding how this happens has also given us “clues” as to how to prevent or possibly reverse the process…

A number of experts on Larry’s special shared their views on how Dementia and Alzheimer’s develops. Researchers aren’t entirely sure, but the convention wisdom is a combination of diet, mental inactivity, inflammatory processes in the brain, genetics and simply getting less flexible, otherwise known as getting older. Think of aging as less flexible, “more creaky” if you will. The more flexible you are, the younger you are more likely to be, in mind, body and spirit.

Dr. John Upledger has given a more detailed insight into the pathology of Dementia, based on his extensive understanding of biochemistry, the inflammatory processes in the body, and immune system microbiology. He points out that the formation of amyloid “plaques” inside the brain (a key indicator of advanced dementia and Alzheimer’s) may be a “by product” of the immune system trying to defend itself from what it perceives as an “intruder” in the brain. Immune system cells begin to attack brain tissue and generate an inflammatory response, and further generate “pro inflammatory cytokines” which in turn generate even greater inflammation inside the brain. The result is:

  1.  Micro inflammation (and swelling) of the brain followed by
  2.  Shrinkage of the brain-fluid pathways are destroyed and ultimately CST circulation is decreased.

Oh, and by the way, this also effectively destroys the brain tissue (including axons and synapses) that conducts electrical/chemical flow and form the neuronal network that creates our “holistic” memory, images, and “recollection.”

Simply put, our ability to remember-both short and long term-is diminished as this network is progressively destroyed. The long-term consequences of this usually result in a shortened life span as well.


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