Employment and Jobs

In this economy, healthcare is still a strong segment for employment.

There are 2 aspects of a “recession proof” job:

  1. The more local and applied an application the better-it cannot be “outsourced.”
  2. The more specialized, the better

In this context, I’d like to discuss CranioSacral Therapy and Geriatrics as a long-term employment opportunity.

The Opportunity

Demographics: There are now over 80 million “baby boomers” about to retire. As one of them, I will tell you no one wants to age or “retire” the way our parents or grandparents did. That translates into a greater emphasis on well-being, preventative health and what I like to call “reversal of the aging process,” which is part of the impetus on creating the CranioSacral Therapy Geriatrics 2 and 4-day classes and programs.

Having said that, there are health issues that need to be addressed..

Over 60 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. (note: officially speaking, this is called primary degenerative dementia or Alzheimer’s as a type of senile dementia). According to CNN, Alzheimer’s could become “the defining disease of the baby boomer generation.” According to President Reagan’s former Alzheimer’s doctor “If this is not dealt with, this will cripple the healthcare system.”

Alternative Approach

BodyEnergy Company, over the past 5 years, has helped pioneer research into the application of a simple CranioSacral Still Point to individuals with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. This simple 5-10 minute application has demonstrated clinical and statistical significance in the management of agitation for these patients.

Furthermore, we believe application of CST on a regular basis may prevent, slow or stop the progression of the disease, or possibly even reverse the effects of this disease.

There are no other known modalities that have shown this potential.

Imagine if Alzheimer’s could be prevented, held in suspension, or even reversed?

Do you think there might be a demand for a product or service that could do this?

Body Energy in conjunction with our associates at the University of Iowa are looking into a larger study (the first pilot study took 4 years to conceive, conduct and publish) to push further in the this new area of alternative research.

Training Opportunity and Specialization

Beginning-level CranioSacral Therapy and Geriatrics (CSG2) is a 2-day class training laypersons, caregivers and other interested parties in the application of a simple technique to apply to friends, parents and relatives. At the same time, they receive the background to appreciate how and why these techniques work so well. With this information, they can choose to specialize in this form of treatment and/or add this to the Geriatrics treatment modalities they already practice.

National Treatment Network

In addition to all of the above, practitioners who are graduates of this class become eligible to join a national treatment and referral network for the following areas:

  • Homecare
  • Independent Living
  • Specialized in-house assisted living
  • As an adjunct to “in-home employment opportunity”

We welcome you to become part of a resource to assist the existing eldercare healthcare network and become part of a growingly compassionate, alternate, and preventative approach to the aging process.

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