I was recently reviewing some of the system wide effects of normal aging for my Craniosacral Therapy and Longevity-Reversing the Aging Process class. One of the things that became obvious is that aging, according to most theories, cuts across a multitude of body systems. As an overall review of the benefits of CST, here is a summary of the effects of Craniosacral Therapy on the CranioSacral System, Musculoskeletal, Respiratory and Circulatory, Digestive and Nervous System.

1. CST is an excellent way to increase CSF volume. This is important because CSF clears heavy metals across the blood brain barrier and sufficient flow of CSF essentially protects the brain from inflammatory processes. Additionally, the CranioSacral System is a core physiological system that strongly influences the health of the neuro skeletal muscular system.

2. Increased fluid flow from CST techniques relaxes connective tissue and
a. positively influences vision and related structures
b. Strengthens connective tissue fluid flow and the character of the skin
c. Increases 02 intake and therefore positively impacts respiratory function and overall energy
d. Supports increased muscle elasticity
e. Lowers blood pressure
f. Increases nutrient absorption
g. Improves overall aerobic metabolism to the brain and body-both for repair and maintenance
h. Helps promote detoxification due to increased fluid flow in the body

3. CST improves immune and endocrine system function and therefore:
a. Improves the ratio of bone production and re absorption
b. Improves and promotes RBC health and platelet production factors
c. Helps promote protein synthesis
d. Helps promote more balanced liver and gall bladder function
e. Helps promote more balanced pancreatic and insulin function

4. Neurologically, CST
a. Creates more balance between the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System
b. Creates more balanced sleep patterns
c. Promotes more balanced cardiac rhythm

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