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We have programs designed to train many types of caregivers in the senior care industry.

The following categories of senior health care programs designed for the following:

Home Health

For those involved in home health visits and who have an established Alzheimer’s awareness training for their team members:

We have developed a one and two-day training program designed to train your team members how to administrate a 10-15-minute CranioSacral protocol that can easily be integrated into daily, weekly or monthly visits.

Easy and effective to implement, these programs are based on our research in caregiver settings. These brief sessions have shown to promote calmness, reduce anxiety and help promote prevention of AD.

Imagine if your team had a tool, which could help promote and extend aging in place and allow your clients to maintain their quality of life for an extended period of time?

In Residence Senior Care

Whether it be independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing or memory care, we have programs designed to train staff/and or provide trained CranioSacral Longevity specialists to visit your facility.

We have found that daily administration of our techniques, especially in individuals who are at risk, or in the early to mid-stage of dementia can benefit residents and improve the overall

Private Practice

Equally important as addressing those who already have memory challenges is protecting those in the 55+ age group, who are at risk of developing AD.

Whether your clients live in an active adult community, are close to their grandchildren, or live alone, we have programs to train therapists in our techniques and a referral network of trained longevity experts to assist this population.

At the top of the list of concerns for the aging population is developing Alzheimer’s, and our educational programs along with CranioSacral therapy can literally put their minds at ease. 

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