I had the honor of teaching the first 2 day CST and Geriatrics class last week in Southern California. Here are some observations about the class:

1. It works! Students were able to easily learn how to palpate the CranioSacral Rhythm and learn how to do a still point on each other. The easy pace of the class gave students the time to have all their questions answered, get validation, and to gain confidence in their own ability to treat patients.

2. Variations on a theme: How to modify the still point to treat patients in a geriatric setting was very successful. Students learned how to treat in situations that will support more challenged clients.

3. The mix of beginning and more advanced students worked very well. Advanced students (SER 1 and above) were able to refine their listening skills and prepare themselves and apply their knowledge to a geriatric population. In addition, they became a resource for the new students who may want to refer their patients to others for more advanced work.

4. Our presentation of the mechanism of what causes Dementia and Alzheimer’s, which included the inflammatory process, was well received. It was simple enough for everyone to ‘connect the dots’ to their own experience.

5. Lastly, we were able to treat three Geriatric patients that were in their 80’s. Each felt the benefits of the treatment. Students were able to feel and see the changes that their CranioSacral Training brought about. The students were able to practice a simple protocol that, in 15 minutes, allowed them to relax their patients, find areas in the body that needed treatment, and reduce inflammation in the body.

During our time together we found, in the process of treatment, many of our seniors were able to tell their life story and have somebody listen. It was very validating to see our seniors respond in such a positive way.

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