We would all like to defy the aging process. Who among us would not want to be able to have the energy, creativity, stamina and discipline that characterizes youthful bodies and minds.

It is quite possible to bear more influence upon our personal aging process and even the paradigm that is reigning in our culture. One way to begin would be a look at our language. Do we bring in all sorts of assumptions when it comes to chronological age? Sentiments such as, ‘well you know when I was thirty years younger, I used to be able to….’ Or even, ‘now that I am forty years older I just can see the way I used to…’ While there is a certain amount of truth to the statement of such a fact, it gives a kind of reinforcement of what is expected to begin to get harder, or work less easily, or be more painful as we age chronologically.

What if we began to frame things using the word biologically? What if we learned more about our bodies, minds and hearts, their true state of health and the possibilities to increase or change our health for the better solely in relation to this direct experience?

When we get to know what we are capable of rather than impose ideas of what is inevitable, we open new avenue of possibility. For instance we could look at how much energy we have, or do not have, and approach ourselves with an open question, ‘What could I do to have more energy today?’ And if our stamina declines we could look at factors that are measurable like inflammation or stress and work with our actual biology by introducing techniques and methods like nutrition, exercise and meditation and begin to actively shape our biology.

Not only do we help ourselves in reframing our relationship with the aging process but we begin to create a new paradigm for aging in our world!

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